Boating is Enjoyable-But!


Boating can be really a lot of fun, however it can also be a high priced venture too, especially if you want to own your own boat. The most typical trap that a lot of very first time boat buyers fall into is to purchase the one that attracts their eyes, without doing the required research, which includes general information, and that specific to the boat.

Prior making your first boat selection, you need to know that there are many boats readily available in the marketplace. Buying a visually appealing boat does not ensure that you are going to be pleased with it later on when you find that it does not allow you to do the things that you bought it for. Study and research are important!

Choosing the ideal boat for you is not something that can be performed in a matter of minutes. First, how are you going to utilize the boat, is it for hanging out at the marina, cruising or fishing close to shore, or are you going to use it far from land.

Forgetting about whether you can pay for the boat or not, or if you should buy new or used. Here we are talking about types of boats and their optimal application.

In order for you to select the best boat, you have to take your time and define the objectives that your purchase must meet. Say you wish to utilize the boat for fishing, can’t be too tough, right, no, it may shock you that there are many kinds of fishing boats and they serve different scenarios. Getting the wrong boat have a negative effect on your enjoyment and may also be dangerous.

Som of us want to own a boat that just allows us to do absolutely nothing but have fun  socializing at the marina and once in a while taking it out close to shore.  If your fantastic day consists of spending quality time with your wife and children and good friends on the water, then target a boat meeting these requirements.

So before you purchase, write down  your requirements, just doing that will give you a lot to think about, once you know what you want, you will save money and not have to worry about buyers remorse, which is a horrible place to be. Do your homework and you won’t be disappointed!


A Short Glossary of Boating Terms


Port side – Looking at the front of the boat, the left side

Starboard side -Looking at the front of the boat, the right side

Stem – The most forward part of the boat

Bow – the front of the boat

Stern – The back of the boat

Tide – The rise and fall of the water level due to the gravitational pull of the moon. In the US, each tide is about six hours

Wake – The disturbance of the water due to the movement of a vessal

Flood Tide – rising tide

Slack Tide – low tide

Man Overboard – self explanatory

Aboard – on the boat

Capsize – a boat turning over

Deck – The outside floor of the boat

Galley – the kitchen

Head – the bathroom

Navigate – Knowing were you are and how to get where you are going

Bearing – An angle from True North

Heading – direction a vessel is pointing

Latitude – South or north measurement from the Equator in degrees

Longitude – West or east of the Prime Meridian in degrees

Boat Safety First


Having a safe and enjoyable day on the water merely needs a little preparation and a and some common sense. Given that boating is such a satisfying experience, it’s really simple to forget that safety comes first. Preparation is the first step and it should occur before leaving the house. Plan where you are going, who will be with you, and when you anticipate to return. Clearly, if you are simply crossing the lake or up a river, this is an easy matter, however if you are going deep water fishing in the ocean, it is vital that somebody ashore understands where you are going and when you are anticipated to return so that they can call for assistance if you fail to appear at the expected hour.

Maintain your boat. Even if you are simply going out for a quick trip, its crucial to ensure that your boat is seaworthy, your engine is dependable, and you have the correct safety equipment available. Your boat should never be overloaded  and the  equipment and the engine should be of sufficient power to meet or exceed the challenges that could occur if the worst possible conditions that you can think of happen. Bad weather can created situations that even experienced captains find difficult! Always have enough fuel, have your navigation equipment working, and keep your engine maintained. There few worse experiences than being broken down or out of fuel in a boat well out of the sight of land.

Never leave the dock without, at a minimum, a life jacket for everyone in the boat and also floating cushions. Test that your navigation lights are working.

Stay alert! There are no traffic lights and traffic lanes out on the water, other boaters can approach from anywhere and the captain of the boat has to be always alert to other boat traffic, the roughness of the water, and even the depth of the water under the boat. Keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum. A boat is no place to be intoxicated unless you are you are docked and not moving!

Your trip on the water will be an entire lot of enjoyable if you will take the appropriate preventative measures and carefully plan your trip. If you do, you will have a fantastic cruise!

Fond Memories of Boating and Fishing


It is remarkable to envision how the numerous boats there are in America. It has large stretches of water that are ideal for that complete boating experience. Historically boats were one of the very first modes of transport, and the United States was no exception. If one of the early navigators could see our waterways today, he would be truly amazed!

My very first experience with boating begun when I was extremely young. I still remember the enjoyment I felt while getting silently into the boat and then gliding calmly over the water to the locations where we hoped to catch fish. The trip out in the dark as the first light of the broke the horizon was an amazing sight that I still remember fondly.

Today as I prepare for vacations and weekends on the water, I still think of the wonderful times I had as a child with my father and grandfather and to this day I still talk about that first fish that I caught! They taught me to treat the outdoors with respect and to always take care of the environment. To this day, if I see litter, I pick up the garbage!They were wonderful times for me and now I hope to present the same opportunities to my own children!